How B2B Telecoms Selling Works

Business to consumer selling can be very different from business to business selling. For example in selling telecoms products or services, business to business selling can be very complex.

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Here are some differences between B2B selling and B2C selling.

B2C selling is normally based on a standard package. On the other hand, B2B selling may differ depending on the needs of the client company. Businesses that want to have a strong foothold on the B2B market should be able to sell a product or service based on an assessment of the client company’s needs.

B2C selling tends to be unpredictable. You do not know how much sales you will make for the current month, because you do not yet know how many individual customers you will be able to contact. On the other hand, B2B selling gives you more stability. Each sale can last for months allowing you to project your income for those months and allowing you to make plans or changes for your business.

B2C selling requires heavy marketing or advertising. You have a lot of customers to reach or target, so you can meet your sales targets. B2B selling can be more simplified. You need a good website or a targeted marketing plan. This way, you can speak directly to the customers that you want to work with or be a part of your portfolio.


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